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WheelsAmerica’s obsession with the automobile has only grown stronger over the decades. Modern car enthusiasts go to great lengths to create unique vehicles from the standard sedans and hatchbacks that are common to every road in the country. Wheels are an essential part of upgrading the look of your vehicle, and fortunately, today there are many, many sources for finding a perfect set.

At Cherrywheel.com, we know the world of automobile wheels. Our website is designed to provide the consumer with a variety of information pertaining to the different types of wheels that are available. With the vast variety of wheels that are available to the consumer, it can sometimes be difficult to understand the differences and similarities between them all. Our goal is to help with the decision making process by lifting some of the fog surrounding this industry.

Custom rims are one of the most popular modifications made to vehicles by their owners. Even the most modest sedan can achieve a new level of hipness with the right set of wheels. For many amateur street racers, nothing is better than a new set of racing wheels outfitted with some low-profile, high-performance tires. This particular set up offers a higher degree of cornering capability and grip when moving at higher speeds. However, this set-up can also make the ride a bit bumpier due to the thinner tire profile.

Alloy wheels are also highly sought after by non-race oriented drivers. Many people that drive mid-size and larger sedans prefer the look of a custom set of rims to those that came with the vehicle. Most automobile makers will offer a selection of available options that include manufacturer authorized car wheels. Mercedes wheels, for example, are designed to work with the suspension and mechanical characteristics of a Mercedes vehicle. This is not to say that aftermarket wheels wouldn’t work as well, but many people recommend using OEM wheels whenever possible.

Chrome wheels are not just for cars either, as many truck and SUV owners will attest. This is especially true of trucks and SUV’s that will never be used for off-road driving. A great many SUV owners prefer the “street” look over the “truck” look, and a good way to accomplish this is through the addition of chrome or black rims.

However, if you’re going to be using your truck or SUV for off-road driving, a set of steel wheels is highly recommended. Steel is much stronger and less prone to damage than are alloys, and as such are better suited to the rigors that off-road driving demands. Steel wheels don’t have to look clunky either, as many manufacturers create very hip designs from steel.

For many people, the cost of purchasing a new set of custom rims can be too hard on their budget. However, there are many places that can provide discounted or cheap wheels as an alternative. While these are generally not made to the specifications of the more expensive models, it is possible to find sets that still look good.

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