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Custom rims are some of the most popular “mods” that car enthusiasts make to their vehicles. A nicely chosen set of wheels can make even a modest sedan look like it belongs in a rap video. Some people will spend thousands of dollars on a set of custom wheels, but that isn’t always necessary.

Rims come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Many manufacturers make wheels that are designed to fit just like the OEM wheels that came with the vehicle. Other wheels require that the size and style of tire be changed in order to fit inside the wheel wells of the vehicle.

When buying a new set of rims, it is vitally important that you know the lug style and the capacity of the wheel wells. Different car manufacturers use different lug configurations, and the new wheels must be able to attach to the car using the appropriate configuration. Wheel well capacity is also important as a wheel that is too large will not allow the vehicle to turn properly.


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